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You are invited to the Great Adventure Lab’s

Girls Get Science evening event

5:30-8:00 pm on Saturday, March 18th,

at Washington Episcopal School,

Bethesda, Maryland.

Please join us. It is absolutely inspiring to see girls laughing and having fun while learning about science and engineering from women scientists and engineers, in an all-girls environment!

This event features a speaker panel, a chance to meet the speakers and a choice of hands-on science workshops for girls grades K-6. Workshop choices will include Nature Science, Lego Engineers, Lego Robotics, Video Game Programming, Mindstorms, 3D Design and Young Engineers.

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All workshops will be led by our enthusiastic and talented instructors. 

Event format. While girls in grades K-8 are participating in hands-on activities, our panel of women scientists and engineers will speak with parents about the experience of being a girl or young woman pursuing a career in science or engineering. 
After the panel, the girls will rejoin their parents and have a chance to meet with our panelists to learn more about what these women do for a living!

Here's a slideshow of a past GGS event.


Our speakers




Dr. Melissa Trainer, NASA Planetary Environments Laboratory

As a planetary scientist, Dr. Trainer examines the atmosphere of planets that are currently lifeless.  She is looking for the molecules that are the building blocks of life.  Right now she is looking at one of Saturn’s moons, Titan, whose atmosphere contains methane. She is also analyzing data from the Curiosity rover to study the atmospheric composition of Mars.

She also works on developing new instrument concepts for future missions. This require her to think about how we could explore three very different places, such as sending a robotic boat to one of the cryogenic lakes on Titan whose temperatures are about minus 180 degrees Celsius ( minus 288 degrees Fahrenheit.) If you put a penny or a plastic spoon into this liquid, it would instantly freeze and crack. Another future project is sending a probe to the super-hot, high pressured atmosphere of Venus.

According to Dr. Trainer, “One of the coolest things I’ve done at Goddard was develop a special piece of equipment that essentially sips the cold lake liquid. We had to use special materials to protect against the extreme cold and to make sure that the sipper would actually work in the lake liquid. It took some doing, but we were able to make it work.”

PhD Chemistry, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO    

BA Chemistry, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA


Dr. Lori Glaze, NASA Deputy Director, Solar System Exploration Division

Dr. Glaze is the Principal Investigator for the proposed mission to Venus known as the Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry, and Imaging, or DAVINCI. This mission would send a probe on a journey down through Venus’ atmosphere, winding up in the planet’s roughest and most geologically complex terrain. The probe would explore the planet’s atmosphere essentially from top to bottom, even the deep layers largely hidden from Earth-based instruments and orbiting spacecraft.

Dr. Glaze’s research interests include physical processes in terrestrial and planetary volcanology, atmospheric transport and diffusion processes, and geologic mass movements.  She explained her interest in volcanoes in a 2014 interview for Women in Planetary Sciences, “ I was drawn to volcanoes ever since I went to the Pompeii AD 79 traveling exhibit as a teenager in 1979.  I was also living in Seattle when Mount Saint Helens erupted in 1980. I was really intrigued by that eruption.”  Ask her to explain the difference between pahoehoe and a’aa lava!

1985 - B.A. Physics, University of Texas, Arlington, TX

1989 - M.S. Physics, University of Texas, Arlington, TX

1994 - Ph. D. Environmental Science, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK


Julia Royster

Marine Resource Habitat Specialist at NOAA Restoration Center


Ms. Royster works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Restoration Center. NOAA's Restoration Center is dedicated to restoring coastal, marine, and migratory fish habitat across the nation. NOAA's Restoration Center works with local partners by providing financial and technical assistance to implement restoration projects focused on opening rivers to fish, reconnecting coastal wetlands, restoring corals, and rebuilding shellfish populations. In Maryland, NOAA's Restoration Center has spent many years improving fish passage on the Patapsco and restoring oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. For the past eight years, Julia has managed projects restoring coral reefs, oyster reefs, and enhancing fish passage in Maryland, the East Coast, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.


Ms. Royster has also spent time as a Veterinary Technician, worked on Marine Protected Areas in Australia and the U.S., assessed coral reefs in Australia, Fiji, Honduras, and Belize, managed people, wildlife, and birds,  taught kids on a barrier beach in Rhode Island where she tagged horse crabs and monitored endangered Piping Plover that nest on the beach.


BA, Biology, St. Olaf College
Graduate Certificate in Tropical Biology and Conservation, University of Missouri, St. Louis 
MESM, Environmental Science and Management, University of Rhode Island


Why are we holding a girls-only science event? 

Studies have shown that as early as second grade, many girls are deciding that math is not for them, which certainly doesn’t bode well for their views on engineering and the sciences!  We hope that by reaching out to girls and their parents through events like these, we can help convince girls in our community that science is for everyone.  


Registration for this event is $35 per parent/daughter pair and $15.00 for each additional participant ($10 extra for additional parent).

 Sign up for 10 or more - and each parent-daughter pair pays just $25.

Please choose two mini workshops when you register.  We are offering workshops based on grade level: Lego Engineers (grades K-1), LEGO Robotics (grades 2-4), Mindstorms (4-5, 6-8), Video Game Programming (Grades 3-5, 6-8),  and Young Engineers grades (K-1 and 2-3.) 

Note: you are encouraged to arrive no later than 5:45 pm to check in.

The Great Adventure Lab proudly sponsors Girls Get Science events as part of our ongoing mission to get more children, especially girls, excited about science and engineering at an early age.

We offer after school enrichment classes and summer camps in LEGO robotics, engineering, computer animation, electronics, crime science … and more! We've taught more than 4,000 kids to write their first programs since we first started serving the DC area in fall of 2010. We currently offer classes in Montgomery, Prince George's and Howard Counties in Maryland; the District; and Fairfax County in VA. If we're not already at your school, invite us!

We support our communities by donating money back to our PTA partners offering at-cost classes to residents of low-income housing projects managed by Montgomery Housing Partnership. We were founded in fall 2010 by a Silver Spring mother of two young children. We have the smartest, most fun instructors in metro DC, and possibly the world!

Our management team is made up of six parents of children ages 3 to 18! We are genuinely passionate about inspiring the next generation to explore science and engineering before someone else convinces them these fields are 'boring.' We believe in FUN first, learning through hands-on activities for every kid, every time, SMALL class sizes, enthusiastic instructors, informative notes home after EACH class; and excellent customer service, whether you are a kid, a parent, or an after-school activity coordinator. We put people before profits. 

For more information about our classes, camps or birthday parties, or to see bios of our instructors, please visit our website at You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube under the name The Great Adventure Lab or @awrobots.
We look forward to seeing you at Girls Get Science!!


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